At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Sparky has a wonderful new mom and dad.

1/16/21 Sparky was adopted today. Sparky was sadly surrendered by his owner because she worked long hours and little Sparky was left alone in the crate all day. She knew he deserved a happier, more active life. That was when she contacted UYR and little Sparky became a United Yorkie Rescue dog. Sparky's foster mom knew he needed a forever home with a fenced yard and a stay-at-home mom or dad. Today that is just what Sparky got. He now has wonderful new home with a fenced yard and a stay at home mom and dad. Sparky will be the only pup in his new family. That means he will get all the attention and heaps and heaps of love. Sparky found the best home for his forever happily ever after.

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12/07/2021: Buster has been adopted - hooray! He didn't have to travel far to his forever home - his foster parents fell in love with him, and applied to adopt him.

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Cooper and new family
Cooper (aka Radar)

12/03/2021. Cooper has been adopted! He's going to the perfect home....he will have a Morkie sister named Gigi. His new dad is a retired veterinarian..Couldn't ask for better for him! Gigi and Cooper instantly got along and ended up taking a nap together on the porch while we were outside visiting.

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We are a happy family. I love my new mom and dad and they love me too.

1/1/21 Zoe was adopted today. Twelve-and half-year-old Zoe was a well-loved little girl. She lived with her two other doggie friends in the only home she had ever known since puppy hood. When her human dad passed away earlier this year her human mommy was unable to continue to care for Zoe and the other two dogs. She knew they needed to go to homes where they will be better cared for. Zoe went to her foster home and her foster mommy found that Zoe loved being an only dog and be the one to get all the attention. Her foster mom knew the best home for Zoe was a home with a stay a home mom and dad too and no other dog to get their attention. Today Zoe went to that perfect home. She is already being loved and knows her best life started today. Happy Tails to our sweet Zoe.

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Rodger and new family

12/30/2020. 9-year-old Shorkie Rodger has been adopted and will start the New Year in his Forever Home with his new Chorkie brother and sister Nico and Tica! Rodger's Forever Dad said " He'll live his best spoiled life here!" Congratulations Rodger and happy tails!!

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Lucky has found his forever home.

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We love our new dads. It is the four of us together forever.
Enzo (Armani)

12/23/20. Enzo and Armani were adopted together today. From a cage living outside, to the shelter, to their foster home, and today to their forever home Enzo and Armani will be Home for the Holidays - to their Furever home, that is - and we couldn't be happier for them! This sweet, affectionate, and playful bonded pair will have two daddies who are ready and willing to give them all the love and attention they deserve.

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We love our new dads. It is the four of us together forever.
Armani (Enzo)

12/23/20 Enzo and Armani were adopted together today. From a cage living outside, to the shelter, to their foster home, and today to their forever home Enzo and Armani will be Home for the Holidays - to their Furever home, that is - and we couldn't be happier for them! This sweet, affectionate, and playful bonded pair will have two daddies who are ready and willing to give them all the love and attention they deserve.

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I have the most wonderful forever and ever home
Ellie Mae

12/22/2020 Adorable Ellie Mae was adopted today. Sweet Ellie Mae only wanted someone to give her and only her attention and love. Her three short years of life hadn't always been a happy one. She spent her first 16 month of life in a 2x2 cage. Her only purpose was to be used solely as a breeder dog. No one cared, no one loved her, and no one wanted her for anything except to produce adorable puppies who went to forever homes while Ellie Mae stayed in that tiny cage and made more puppies. As luck would have it, Ellie was adopted by a wonderful person. Still Ellie Mae had one more litter, her very last. She had a litter of 9 (that's right 9!) puppies. One never made it out of the birth canal and 4 were stillborn. It was the last litter she could and would ever have. Ellie's new home was filled with so many other dogs that Ellie never was able to get the love and attention she needed. Her mom knew she needed a home where she would get the love and attention she knew Ellie Mae needed. That was when Ellie became a United Yorkie Rescue dog. She loved being in her foster home, she loved the attention she got, and the time she spent with her foster mom. Her foster mom knew Ellie needed a forever home where she would get the same attention and love. Today Ellie Mae found that perfect forever home. She has a forever mom who is home all the time and a forever dad who is home a lot too. Ellie already has her own special place right beside her mom's desk when she is working and her own special place in her mom and dad's bed. Ellie loves to go on walks with her family and she loves to be the center of their attention and love. Ellie Mae is finally home and it is her forever home, forever and ever. Happy Tails little Ellie Mae

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12/19/20 Today Gio found his perfect Forever Home, just in time for Christmas! Congratulations Gio :-)

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Gracie and new family

12/14/20: Gracie has been adopted! She will be spending the rest of her life being pampered and loved unconditionally. Gracie's new family are a retired couple with nothing but time and affection. She will enjoy long walks around the lake that is next to her home, a large backyard expertly maintained for her running pleasure, soft beds, and unlimited companionship from both mom and dad. From the moment Gracie stepped inside through the door, she knew she was home. Gracie immediately bonded with her new parents and was as comfortable as can be.

Happy Tails Gracie! You will be sorely missed by foster mom and dad, but know you are living your best life.

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12/1/20 GREAT NEWS! Zoey has found her forever home. She started out as a puppy mill breeder and caged for the first few years of her life, was adopted by a loving owner who unexpectedly passed away, to living an abundant and happy life with one stay-at-home parent and a fenced yard - just what she needed! And a huge BONUS - the resident doggie in the home immediately bonded with Zoey and the two of them are velcro sisters, following each other everywhere. What a difference in this precious little girlie's life. Have a Happy Life Zoey!

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I found my FUREVER!
Trudy Grace

11/23/20 Poor Trudy was in a home where she was not lived or cared for. But those days are FOREVER OVER! Trudy now has two amazing Moms to love her, spoil her, and be her EVERYTHING! Happy Tails Trudy!

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Kemper and new family

11/22/20. Kemper has found his forever home with a fenced yard to run and play! Congratulations, Kemper!

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We are the best looking family ever. I am so happy.

11/22/20 Hooray! Milton was adopted today. Adorable Milton has found his Furever home and he is happy he gets to live on the beach! What a nice view! He has adjusted so well after his Mommy of 7 years had to surrender him since she could no longer take care of him. He arrived with a few challenges but being the smart little pup that he is, he figured things out pretty quickly. He knew he couldn't get by on just his adorable looks. There will be a few more adjustments for this little guy but his new family already adores him, as do his extended family who haven't even met him yet! Congratulations on your new life, Milton!

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I have my forever home. I love my new mommy

I have a new brother. He will be my best friend

11-21-20 Chewie was adopted today. Chewies owners were no longer able to help Chewie. He has some severe allergies that they have not been able to get under control. Due to changes in their life and their finances, they were not able to keep up with special allergy medications and the vet visits. They knew he needed to see veterinary dermatology specialist, but were unable to take him due to the cost. United Yorkie Rescue took Chewie and worked with their vet and with Chewie on his allergies. Once we knew they were under control it was time for Chewie to go to his forever home. Today he did. He has a new forever mom and dad who are home at lot of the time. He has a new brother for a best friend, and a really nice fenced yard to play in with his brother. Chewie is so excited to have such a wonderful home. He will get to go on trips and to the park and get taken on nice long walks. It is good that his new mom and dad know all about dog allergies and that is very important to Chewie. He really was not happy feeling so itchy all the time that he scratched and scratched until he would hurt himself. That is all behind him now and Chewie is on his way to his best life ever. Happy Tails to Chewie.

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Fur brother Jackson and mom and Cody. It is love.

11/15/20 Cody our little tripod puppy was adopted today. This sweet little 4 pound, 4-month-old puppy was found hobbling along the streets. Some very kind police officers found him. He was severely matted, full of fleas, and without a doubt, even to their non-medical eyes they knew something was terribly wrong with his back leg. The kind officers knew that this tiny puppy needed to get to a vet right away to be checked out. Cody was brought to the specialty vet. The specialist took x-rays of his right rear leg. It was found that this leg was broken in 2 places. The breaks were not new and the damage was extensive. The orthopedic vet felt it was better for them to amputate the leg rather than try an orthopedic surgery that wouldnt necessarily hold, and his recovery would be long and difficult for a puppy, with no guarantee it would be successful. And so, this tiny puppy became an adorable tripod. Heck, he never needed that leg anyway. It hadn't done him any good for a while and he was getting along just fine without it.

Cody was taken in by a rescue who usually took in big dogs. They called United Yorkie Rescue and Cody became a UYR dog the very next day. Cody loved being in his foster home. He gave everyone kisses, He had doggie friends, toys, good food, and lots and lots of love. He didn't miss that leg at all. In fact, this puppy was running everywhere he could. His foster parents knew that it was very important to find the right forever home for Cody and today that happened. He has a stay at home mom, a doggie friend, a wonderful fenced yard, doggie beds everywhere, and toys and toys and more toys. Cody didn't stop for a minute and went from toy to toy to toy. It was toy heaven for him. His new backyard has a lot of great smells and a lot of room for running and playing. Cody has found his forever family and his forever home. He will have love, and care, and kindness the rest of his life. Happy Tails to Cody our little tripod baby.

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Jess and new family

11/11/2020. Today Jess went to his forever home with his new mom and dad! Congratulations Jess!

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Winston and new family

11/11/20. Can you feel the love in these two??!! While it's bittersweet, we are pleased to share that Winston was adopted by the cutest mother/daughter duo! We absolutely loved having him and were pleased to help him find his forever home.

Winston was such a pleasure to foster. He quickly adjusted to the pack and family dynamic here in our home. He fell in love with our youngest dog, although the feelings were not returned lol, and became my sweetest companion. He was never far and loved to take long naps in the sunlight by my feet. It's dogs like Winston that make fostering worth it- they truly have not a single bad bone in their body despite the potential abuse and neglect they faced over their life. He experienced severe tooth decay and a mandibular fracture, but you'd never know if he was hurting given his sweet disposition. All in all, we love Winston and wish him the very best in his new home. Happy life Winnie!

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Rusty has a new mom. She sure does love him a lot.

11/7/20 Rusty was adopted today. This sweet little guy had a pretty rough start. It started out when he was found very early one morning by the shelter staff leashed onto the door of the shelter. He must have been there all night. He was full of fleas and barely able to walk. He was severely underweight. The shelter immediately took him in and started to treat him. He was listed as critical care. He was anemic and in pain. They did blood work which showed hypophosphatemia, an electrolyte disorder where there is a low level of phosphate in the blood. Although he is not in kidney disease his blood work indicated his kidneys were not functioning as they should be. Rusty was treated for all this in the shelter and remarkably improved in all areas, but he still has more testing and vetting to go through.

The shelter called United Yorkie Rescue and explained they had this little dog that was not a Yorkie but needed us and of course we couldn't say no. In her foster home his foster mom continued Rustys treatment. With proper medical care, good food, and lots of love Rusty thrived. His follow up blood work showed he was perfect and ready for his forever home. Rusty found that forever home today. He has a new wonderful forever stay at home mom, a new dad, and best of all a human sister who will be his best friend. There is a fenced yard for Rusty to run around in and to play in with his new family. We know Rusty will have a wonderful happy life. He will be loved, cared for, and cherished the rest of his days.

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