At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Me and my brother are going to be together forever. Hooray
Otto (and Fritz)

10/17/21 Otto and his best friend and brother Fritz were adopted together today. They were so sad when their first mommy died. These guys didn't know what would happen to them. Then the best thing ever happened. They were adopted together. Now they will be together forever in their wonderful new home. They have a new mommy and daddy. Their mommy and daddy will be home lots and lots of the time to be with them. There is a great fenced yard, lots of toys, and walks. They will get to have lots of fun together all day and then get to sleep with their mom and dad in their bed at night. But the best thing of all is that they will have each other. They can't wait for their happy days to begin and never end. Happy Tails, boys.

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I am a heahtlyt puppy now. I am going to my forever home.
Ava Simone

10/13/21 It took a long time from the day Ava Simone came to us from California to today when she went to her perfect forever home.But today it happened. When Ava came to us, no one knew what exactly was wrong with her. This little 6 month old puppy was having seizures, sometimes a few minutes of blindness, and at times an unsteady gait.

Ava saw the specialist who suspected a possible liver shunt but wasn't sure. Her levels to show a shunt were high but not what is usually seen in a liver shunt puppy. Ava Simone was to continue with her strict diet of the proper food, as well as medication 3 times a day for seizures, as well as medication usually given to dogs with liver shunts, and some other meds to help with chronic diarrhea.

After several tests and an exploratory surgery we still had no answers about Ava's medical problems. The specialist suggested to Ava's foster mom to slowly taper down the food and medication very slowly one at a time. And to also taper down the dose of each slowly. This took several months, but we had an answer. Ava Simone was a healthy dog. It was suggested she had a reaction to something when she was very young and very small and it took that long for it to leave her body. Ava could be adopted.

Ava now has a perfect forever home. There is a wonderful fenced yard that a young dog can run around in to work off all that puppy energy. She has some fur friends to play with and lots of toys. She gets to go on walks, go to the beach, and sleep in the big bed with her new mom and dad.

Ava Simone's mom and dad will be home with her most of the day so all the attention she loves will be hers. It took several months, but Ava Simone is finally healthy and has her forever home for her life.

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Lily and new family
Lily TX

10/12/21: Lily has found her forever home! It took a little time and patience, but she knew as soon as she walked through the door. Lily's new parents lost a very special pup a while ago and have been waiting for a new family member once the pain had left their hearts. When they read Lily's profile, they just knew that she was "the one". See. Lily loves to play, but she is very submissive and gentle. Well new mom and dad had just the answer to keep her entertained without the fear of injury of a larger dog. Enter Oliver the rescue cat! Oliver immediately walked up to Lily on the home visit and began to play with her. Emoji Lily was a little confused at first, but is now chasing and playing with Oliver until both are too tired to run. And then they sleep next to one another before getting up and starting all over again.

Lily's new parents have experience with rescue pups and cats, and even worked at the well known Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, CA. It only took a few seconds before they were hopelessly in love with Lily. And Lily with them. Foster mom and dad will miss her dearly, but are so comforted that she is truly where she belongs.

Happy Tails, Lily!

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Oliver has a forever home

10/11/21: Happily Oliver has found his forever home with his foster family who understands him and has a secure yard to keep him safe. Here is what Oliver's foster mom had to say for his final bio:

Oliver has been with us about a month now. He was supposed to be an escape artist but I haven't had any problems with him trying to escape. He is very curious about things outside so I have to assume he was left outside by himself too much. He really is a velcro dog & doesn't like being alone. He wants attention all the time & has to be close to his people. He really isn't interested in other pups. He however has a barking war with Louie that lives on one side of us & with Charlie that lives on the other side of us. When they are outside barking he is like a wind up dog running from side to side barking through the fence. For a dog that will be 13 in a couple of months he has lots of energy. He acts much younger. He had a fatty tumor removed from his chest & it has healed nicely. He seems to be pretty healthy otherwise. I think for the most part he is happy to have been rescued so he doesn't have to run the streets looking for attention.

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10/04/2021: Bucky was a very beloved dog in his previous owners home where he was spoiled and pampered, but due to circumstances beyond the owners control, she could no longer care for Bucky. Once Bucky became a UYR dog, he was a delightful little fella in his foster home and thoroughly enjoyed the big fenced-in yard.

Bucky has been adopted into a wonderful home where he will be the only pet in the home which he will love since he will get all the attention. He has a big fenced yard to play in and can even go to work with his forever mom! How sweet is that? Have a happy life little one!

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My forever home is the best home ever.

9/21/21 Tiny little Riley was adopted today. Riley found himself in rescue when his owners work hours made him spend too much time alone in his crate. Riley was scared and sad when he arrived at his foster moms home. He didnt want foster mom to pick him up. He was very timid, scared of thunderstorms and loud noises. His foster mom wanted to see him come out of his shell and be a happy boy. Soon enough that happened, and Riley was ready for his forever home.

Riley went to his new home over the weekend. He rode nicely in the car with his new Yorkie brother and Yorkie sister. He now twirls with excitement when you say outside and show him a leash. He kisses your hand while you are leashing up his new siblings, stands perfectly still while you harness him up and then twirls his way out the door. It is his happy dance. His new sister has been trying so hard to get Riley to play with her. His foster parents are starting to see a glimmer of play. He has begun to bark joyfully when they run around together. His new parents are home with him all day, and Riley loves all that attention. Puppy love and puppy happiness are becoming a way of life for this sweet boy.

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I love my new mommy and daddy. We will have so much fun together.


Sweet young Sassy was adopted today. Sweet Sassy was sadly surrendered by her owners when they could no longer care for her. Sassy is full of sass and full of life. She likes her walks and like all young dogs she loves to play. She is friendly and affectionate. Sassy loved her foster home. She played with her foster sister and brother all the time. Sassy loved the fenced yard and just had the best time playing and running. Today Sassy went to her forever home and she got exactly what she wanted and needed. A mom and dad who are home a lot. A big fur brother who is ready to play with her, and a nice big fenced yard to them to play in. Her new mom promised her cuddles and love and her foster dad is ready to take her on lots of walks and play with her and her fur brother. Sassy has already settled into her new home and deemed herself Princess Sassy. Sassy is going to have many years living her best life. Happy Tails to sweet sassy Sassy.

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Ayla and CocoPuff and their wonderful new family. Happy together forever
Ayla (and CocoPuff)

9/7/21 Ayla and her best buddy CocoPuff were adopted today. Little Ayla and her brother CocoPuff found themselves in the shelter when their mom, who had them since they were puppies, had a very bad stroke. Their mom's daughter was unable to keep them, so she brought them to the shelter in hopes the shelter would find them a home where they could stay together for the rest of their years. Ayla's brother CocoPuff is a Yorkie and in order to keep them together the shelter asked if we would take them both. We would never consider splitting up two dogs so attached to each other, and that is how a little Doxie named Ayla became a Yorkie Rescue dog. Ayla is an older girl who is hearing and vision impaired, but she is the sweetest girl ever. Their foster mom wasn't sure who would want to adopte these two seniors. Then an angel appeared and said I already love them and want to adopt them and love them for the rest of their lives. Ayla and CocoPuff now have the most perfect home and the most perfect mom and will have the most perfect happily ever after any two dogs could ever want. We are so happy for them. Happy Tails Ayla and CocoPuff.

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Ayla and CocoPuff and their new family. So happy together.
CocoPuff (and Ayla)

9/7/21 CocoPuff and his best friend Ayla were adopted today. Little CocoPuff and his sister Ayla found themselves in the shelter when their mom​,​ who had them since they were puppies​,​ had a very bad stroke. Their mom's daughter was unable to keep them, so she brought them to the shelter in hopes the shelter would find them a home where they could stay together for the rest of their years. Ayla's brother CocoPuff is a Yorkie but his sister Ayla is a Doxy Mix and they love each other very much. In order to keep them together the shelter asked if we would take them both. We would never consider splitting up two dogs so attached to each other, and that is how CocoPuff's little sister, a little Doxie named Ayla, became a Yorkie Rescue dog. CocoPuff and Ayla are both senior dogs. Even though they are the sweetest dogs their foster mom wasn't sure who would want t​o adopte t​hese two older pups. Then an angel appeared and said I already love them and want to ​adopt them and love them for the rest of their lives. CocoPuff and Ayla now have the most perfect home and the most perfect mom and will have the most perfect happily ever after any two dogs could ever want. We are so happy for them. ​Happy Tails CocoPuff and Ayla.

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Gingersnap and new family

Gingersnap has a new home.

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Brooklyn has a new home

8/25/21 This little nugget came into rescue knocking on death's door and left United Yorkie Rescue full of life and love! She was every bit a fun loving puppy that required a home with children, a fur sibling and parents to love and afford a lifetime of care for this Yorkie Diva! She got that and more! I miss my little back warmer at night, but I'm so blessed by the amazing family that will see her future is full of everything that a princess needs. Happy Life my little Brooks...foster mom loves you baby girl!


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Owner decided to rehome herself. Never came into rescue

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Teeny Tiny Chase was found alone wandering the streets. Imagine a little 5 pound Yorkie on the streets alone, scared, and hungry. Luckily Chase was found by a good samaritan and taken to the shelter. The shelter knew that such a small dog did not belong there. As soon as his stray hold was up, and because no one came for him, Chase became a United Yorkie Rescue pup.

Chase has been adopted - hooray! He lovews his new home and his mew mom. He started playing with toys as soonm as he got inside his new home. He is going to have everything he wants for the rest of his life - most of all a lot of love.

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Precious and new mom

08/10/2021 Precious's new Mom, Dad, Fur-Brother & Fur-Sister were over the moon excited for Precious to join their family this week. They are an amazing loving and very active family that loves to go for long walks, camping trips and lots of play time at home and local parks. It was not easy to find a family that could match or at least keep up with Precious's activity level and extreme love of people, dogs, and life.... But we found them!!

Although her foster family deeply misses her sweetness and fun loving energy, they could not be happier for her to start her new life. Thanks to United Yorkie Rescue and her adopting family, this sweet little girl will never have to worry about being dumped at a shelter in the middle of health crisis again. She will be loved, cared for, and cherished for the rest of her life.

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We are the perfect family.

8/10/21 Angel the angel was adopted today. Angel was turned into the shelter when her owner died. It was a sad day for this sweet senior. One day she had a home and the next day she didn't. Not only did she not have her mom and a home, but she was in a strange, noisy place that wasn't anywhere near as nice as her old home. Everything was different and none of it felt good. Angel didn't belong in a shelter and the staff knew it. After two days United Yorkie Rescue was asked if we would take this girl and help her find her final and last, forever home. Angel became a United Yorkie Rescue girl. It didn't take her foster parents long to know that Angel was exactly the right name for her. She got along with everyone, cats, dogs, kids, grown ups. There wasn't anyone she didn't like. She was sweet and well behaved. Her foster mom and dad found out that she loved the car ride especially if it meant she was getting a Pupsicle. All Angel needed was her forever home and today that is exactly what she got. The best home she could possibly want for the rest of her days. She has a wonderful forever stay-at-home mom and dad and the most perfect home. Angel will want for nothing ever again. Angel truly found her heaven on earth. Happy Tails little one.

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I love my new daddy.

8/6/21 Rawling was adopted today by a wonderful family. Back in February Rawling came to United Yorkie Rescue as an almost blind, vision impaired little guy​,​ with cataracts in both eyes. He ​wasn't​ even 5 years old and UYR was not going to let him go through a lifetime of being blind if we could help it. On February 22, 2021 Rawling had his eye surgery. The eye surgeon told us she could only fix his left eye ​since​ his right one was not repairable, and that is what was done.

Rawling went through several months of multiple eye drops and rechecks with the eye surgeon. Finally on August 5th, almost 6 months after he became a United Yorkie Rescue dog, Rawling​, now a dog who could see the world,​ was ready for adoption and to start the next part of his life. Today he did​ just that​. He has a wonderful new mom and dad, a human sister, and even fur siblings to play with in his nice fenced backyard.

Rawling will be missed by his foster mom, but she kn​ows​ this little guy will have a great life. We are so happy for Rawling as he begins the next adventure in his life. Happy Tails, sweet boy. So many more adventures still to come for you.

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Look how happy we are. My new mom loves me so much
Lucky Florida Boy

7/28/21 Lucky was so lucky to be adopted by his wonderful new mom today. Lucky is such a sweet, beautiful Silky Terrier/Yorkie mix. He was surrendered to another rescue by his owner because she could no longer care for his special needs. Lucky was blind but he did great. Blindness didn't stop Lucky from doing anything and everything he wanted to do.

The vet Lucky saw said he had a mature cataract in his eye. He was not sure about the other eye. That eye also has a cataract but thought it may have been an immature one. For a 7 year old dog we owed it to Lucky to see if surgery could restore his sight in at least one eye.

At his eye exam we were told that the vision in one of Lucky's eyes could be surgically repaired and his vision restored. In February Lucky had his surgery and the world or sight was given to Lucky. It took months of eye drops and vet rechecks for the surgery to heal. All the while his real personality came out. Lucky became a happy, playful, loving little fellow. He loved the attention of his foster parents. His foster mom knew he needed a home where he would get lots of attention and not have to share what he wanted to be his alone.

Today Lucky got his wish. He has a wonderful new forever home with a mom that will be all his. He will get to go on lots of walks and have lots of toys to play with. He will get trips to her community dog park to play with other dogs, but then he gets to go home and has his mom all to himself. Lucky was the right name for this guy. From being blind to being able to see, from sharing his mom' love to having it all to himself. Lucky, your luck just got even better. Happy Tails little guy.

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Snoopy found his PAWFECT FUREVER!

7/24/21 Poor Snoopy was used to landing at the shelter multiple times in bad condition. Twice in 14 months he did his time in puppy jail. Each time he was a matted, flea infested mess of a dog suffering from neglect. Those days are DEFINITELY OVER for this fluffy Arctic Fox look-a-like because TODAY he got the best Mom EVER who will love him to pieces. Now go have your BEST LIFE EVER SNOOPY!

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I love my new family. I am the happiest fellow ever

7/20/21 Milo was adopted today. Somehow Milo, this young pup of only 3 years, ended up in the noisy shelter full of big, loud dogs. It is no wonder he was so scared his tail was tucked so far under his body you would think he didn't have a tail at all, and he growled at the shelter worker. The staff knew he needed to be away from all the noise and commotion and Milo was given residence in the office of the shelter's Rescue Coordinator. This very shy fellow was much happier there and it wasn't too long before he was sitting on her lap, wagging his tail, and giving her kisses.

In his three short years of life, Milo has already been in four different homes, not due to any fault of his. It is no wonder then, when United Yorkie Rescue's angel came to get Milo from the shelter, saw he was very scared, his tail was tucked, he eyes wide, and he didn't approach her. He no longer could trust people. His rescue angel sat down on the ground at Milo's level and held out a treat. Milo approached, slowly took the treat, and the next thing you know he was curled up in her lap. He loved his foster home and was very happy there. Still we knew he had one more home in his life and that would be his forever home. Today that happened.

Milo got the very best home that he could ever want or want. He has a fur sister he already loves. He has a wonderful fenced yard to run around in with his new sister. He will have lots of toys and treats. Best of all he has a mom and dad who is home a lot of the time to be with him, which he loves more than anything. We are so happy for Milo and we know he will have the happiest life ever.

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I have a great new mom. I love her a lot

7/19/21 Prada has found her Furever home, which comes with a big sister Shitzu named Bree and a little bird named Fuzzy. She and Bree are already adjusting quite nicely. She is not sure yet about Fuzzy but they will figure it out! Prada came to us as a case of neglect and hadn't seen a vet in 6 years. Her foster Mom says that now that she is all fixed up and feeling great, she seems to get younger every day! Her new mom is retired and has all the time in the world to spoil her and is looking forward, down the road, to some long road trips with Prada. Prada loves riding in the car so that will be a happy time for her! Happy Tails Prada, you have the most wonderful forever home.

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