At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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I am so excited to be home!

Updated 3/9/23: Diana is adopted!

Diana was an owner surrender when her owner passed away. She came to UYR and has now found the perfect home. She has a playmate and a stay at home mom that will give her all the love and attention that she deserves. We are so excited that Diana is finally in her forever home. Happy Tails Diana!!

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3/6/23: Today Whitney found her perfect Forever Family! Congratulations to all

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Butters and new dad

3/3/23: Today Butters found his Happy Ever After! Congrats to Butters and his new family.

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Prince was adopted 2/26/23.

Prince joined the UYR family after being moved around several times. He is a talkative and very kissy Yorkiepoo. Prince loves to play and take long walks. He found the perfect forever home today. His dad only works part-time and mom is retired. On the days that dad works Prince gets to tag along with him. They own a lake house and Prince can't wait to fish and ride the boat with dad. Happy Tails Prince!!

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Charlie and new family
Charlie TX

2/26/23 Today Charlie found his perfect forever home. Congratulations Charlie!

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I am finally home!

Hedgie was adopted 2/23/23!

Hedgie came to UYR as an owner surrender when his owner passed away and now has hit the jackpot with his new forever home. He is going to get so much love and attention. Happy Tails sweet Hedgie.

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Tito is adopted 2/17/23!

Little Tito came to us as a sad little yorkie who had been shut in a small bathroom. He had multiple infections on his skin and ears, no hair on his back and a mouthfull of rotten teeth. Over the past few months Tito has become happier and healthier and has a new lease on life. Today he got a wonderful new family. He has a Mom and Dad to love on him and two fur siblings to play with. He fits right in!

Happy Tails Tito!

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Krissie has a new home

2/12/23: Today Krissie found her perfect forever home where she will be treated like a little princess and loved very much!

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2/5/23 Today Victor found his perfect forever family! Congrats Victor :-)

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Sapphire and new family

2/5/23: Sapphire has been adopted! She was super lucky to find a home that met all of her unique needs. She is joining former UYR fosters, Bella, Ginger, and Coco where she will get the pack interaction and activity she so desperately craved. Her new parents are no strangers to rescue pups and have plenty of love and attention to give Sapphire her best possible life. Her playful demeanor and night time snuggles will be dearly missed. Happy Tails Sapphire!

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Gidget with new mom and dad

2/3/23 Today Gidget is finally with her amazing mommy and daddy! She is just the absolute sweetest little girl. She's come such a long way from breeder to a total well adjusted baby girl. Potty trained too!!! Her mommy and daddy have her visiting the family tonight and of course everyone is in love!. I'm going to miss her sweet kisses! Happy life my sweetest!!

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2/1/23 Chance found his perfect forever home today where he has fur siblings to play with and a family to love him.

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Frida (nee Brownie Girl)

1/29/23 Today sweet Frida found her perfect forever home where she will be loved and nurtured to become her best puppy self possible! Congratulations to everyone :-)

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Coco and new dad
CoCo TX 23

1/29/23 Coco found her furever pawrents today. She was 1 of 11 dogs that were breeder surrenders which United Yorkie Rescue saved January 5th 2023. This very shy and still scared little girl by any sudden moves and loud noises found herself the perfect home. Shell live with another breeder surrender sister and a big sister who likes to teach her younger sisters the ropes of how to be a happy puppy. Her new pawrents have experience with breeder surrender dogs like Coco and they are looking forward to helping her become a beautiful happy-go-lucky girl that will enjoy the rest of her life. She truly found the perfect home with a furmily thats going to go at her pace to help her overcome her breeder past. I cant wait to see how Coco will bloom into the beautiful happy girl thats inside of her. Coco found her Cinderella beginning and her Cinderella furever.

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I am so excited to be home!

Nichole is adopted 1/24/23!

Nichole has been adopted! This precious little senior girl found herself needing to be surrendered as her family could no longer care for her. All who met her just wanted to hold her and love her - all fluffy 5 pounds of her! She now has a new Mommy and Daddy who will love her furever, as well as a sister doggie who is the same age. It seems, however, that she is going to be Daddy's Little Girl. Happy Tails Nichole!

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1/21/23 Today Lexi found her perfect forever family. Congratulations to everyone!

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I love my new family!

On 1/21/2023 Max was adopted.

Max has now found his forever family. He now has a family to give him all the love and cuddles that he deserves. Max will be taken on long walks, sleep in a warm bed and get all the snuggles and belly rubs. Max ran right into his new home and felt at home right away, Happy Tails sweet Max!

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Hank has found his forever home!

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1/15/23: Today Isabella found her perfect forever home where she'll be a doted upon princess!

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I am so happy to be in my Forever home!
Mr. Hollywood

Mr. Hollywood was adopted today 1/15/23. He came to UYR as a shelter dog and quickly settled in with his foster mom and now has found his forever home. He will be loved and get all the belly rubs he deserves. He is happy, easy going and loves that he finally has a family to give all his kisses. Happy Tails Mr. Hollywood!

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