At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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I was adopted with Max. We have a wonderful new home and mom and dad. We will always be together.
Charlie (and Max)

6/12/21 Charlie and his brother Max were adopted today--together! Charlie and his brother Max were adopted today-- together! When Charlie and his brother Max's owner could no longer keep them because of a serious life event the boys were wondering would they get to stay together. These boys have been together for their whole lives since puppyhood. United Yorkie Rescue assured Charlie and Max they would never separate them. They would always be brothers together. Today they were adopted into a wonderful home with a loving mom and dad. The boys are going to be so spoiled. They will be going with their new mom for coffee every morning and get to meet some other dogs also out for their morning stroll. The boys have a lot of toys, doggie beds, and even new outfits to dress up in. Their new mom and dad will be home with them a lot of the time so they will get so much attention, love, and petting. Charlie and Max will be living their best life ever. We are so happy for Charlie and his brother Max. Happy Tails, boys.

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Look how much my new mommy loves me. I am so happy.

6/12/21 Little Lily was adopted today. Lily was very loved by her previous owner who had some changes in her life and her home. Sadly, she knew she could no longer care for Lily's needs. Even at 13 years old she is active and spunky and loves to be held in her person’s arms all day long. She is surely a very lovable little lady. Lily did well in her foster home and when she got the veterinary care she needed she was ready for her forever home. Today little 4-pound Lily went to the perfect home. She will be the center of her new mom's life. It took less than 5 seconds for Lily and her new mom to know they were meant to be together forever. It was definitely a case of love at first sight for them both. Lily’s new mom is retired and will be giving Lily so much love and cuddles. Lily to get to meet all her new human relatives. She even has a new fur brother and sister who are just about her age. There is a nice fenced yard and all the comforts any pup would ever need and want. Lily is ready for the rest of her life. It is going to be GREAT!

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I have the best family any dog could ever want. I am so lucky.

6/7/21 Turbo was adopted today. Who said a senior dog is too old to be adopted? Certainly not Turbo.Today this 15 year old senior boy found the rest of his life forever home. Turbo's first owner who had him since he was a puppy passed away. When she passed she left Turbo to her granddaughter. Unfortunately, as much as her granddaughter wanted to keep him, Turbo needed some medical care she was unable to get for him. Turbo needed to have all his vaccinations updated, he needed a dental, and like many older dogs he had some fatty masses on his body that needed to be checked out by a vet and if necessary removed. Turbo got the vetting care he needed as well as a great foster home where he received lots of love and care. Today Turbo found his new forever family. He has a fur sister and some human brothers and sisters too. It only took a minute before they loved Turbo and he loved them right back. His foster mom knew the minute Turbo walked into their house he was home and Turbo knew it too. This 15 year old senior dog is playful and happy. He still has lots of life in him yet. Turbo wants to tell you, please don't pass us older ones by. We have lots of life and love still to give and we are so grateful for the forever home you have provided for us no matter how many years we have left. Happy Tails, Turbo, you deserve this.

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I got adopted today. I know I will be so happy.

I love my new mom and dad.

6/6/21 Harlan was adopted today. Harlan was with his former mommy since he was a puppy, but sadly she had to move and couldn't take Harlan with her. It broke her heart to leave him. Harlan adjusted slowly to his foster home. He missed his mommy. It took a few days, but finally Harlan decided that his foster family was okay and he was going to be just fine there. He felt like it was his job to protect his new home and family. His foster mom worked to assure Harlan that he didn't have to worry about them and he could just have fun being a young almost 4 year old pup. Harlan's foster mom knew Harlan needed a home where his new mom and dad would be very patient with him and let him adjust at his own pace. Today that is exactly the family he got. They know he will need patience and loveand understand while he becomes a part of his new family. He will have all their attention as the only fur baby in their lives. He won't be left alone very often and he will get to go with them whenever and wherever they can take him. There is even a perfect fenced backyard for Harlan. He can run around and play and when he is tired he can soak up the sun. Harlan will have the best forever life of his life. Happy Tails little Harlan.

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My new mom and dad love me so much already.

5/29/21 Kazie, the sweetest little tripod, was adopted today. Kazie came from the shelter. Her owners sadly surrendered the 10-month-old puppy because they couldn't afford to have her leg repaired. They hoped the shelter would have someone who could help her. Kazie had been attached by a dog. It was so bad that the dog broke the bone in leg. There were bite wounds all over. One bite was so severe it was oozing. When the call came from the shelter United Yorkie Rescue was there to get Kazie within an hour.

The vet was able to repair Kazie's leg by putting a rod in it. After a month the bone healed and the rod was removed, but no matter what her foster parents did to rehabilitate that leg so Kazie would use it, she never did. A few weeks later the Kazie developed and infection in her lower leg. The vet knew there was no alternative but to amputate her leg. Dog bites are notoriously dirty, their mouth contains a lot of bacteria. Even with two rounds of antibiotics and irrigation of the wound a few times as well as treating it with antibacterial cream, the bacteria won. Her leg was full of infection.

After the amputation Kazie was the happiest little girl without that leg. Within days she was up and around and by the end of the first week she was running a little and then a lot and was the puppy she was always meant to be. She was ready for her forever home and today that happened. She has a wonderful stay at home mom and dad, a great big yard to run around in, which she loves, lots of toys, doggie beds, and even another dog to play with if she wants. They have promised Kazie to love her forever and give her the best life any pup could have. Kazie couldnt have asked for a better life. Her foster parents will miss her a lot, but they know Kazie is going to have a wonderful, happy life for the rest of her life.

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Maggie Mae and new family
Maggie Mae

05/25/21. Maggie Mae has been adopted.

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I am going to my forever home with my new daddy.

5/21/21 Teddy was adopted today. Teddy became a United Yorkie Rescue pup when his mom developed some serious health issues and was no longer able to care for him. Sadly, Teddy hadn't received much vetting care in the past few years. At his foster home he went for a grooming and had his vet appointment. He passed with flying colors. He had a yeast infection in both ears and that was treated with medications. Teddy got his neuter and dental and after his recuperation he was ready for his forever home. Today Teddy went to his forever home and now has a great daddy that is all his. Teddy's new daddy is home all the time and Teddy will be the center of his life. Teddy will have so much love and attention and care. Welcome to the rest of your happily ever after, Teddy.

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My forever home is so nice and calm and I love it here.

5/19/21 Harry was adopted today. This sweet boy lost his first mommy. For the first almost 3 1/2 years of Harry's life it was just Harry and his mommy. They lived a quiet, happy life. Then his mommy was gone and Harry went to live with another family. This family loved him, but Harry was so unhappy. There were so many people, and so much noise, and a baby who wanted to run after him, add into all that a big German Shepherd. Harry spent his time retreating into a safe space where no one could bother him. They knew that as much as they loved him, their home was not the right one for Harry. They asked United Yorkie Rescue to find a home for him where he would be happier. Harry did great in his foster home. He loved the calm and quiet. He loved the attention and love, and he loved have one little doggie friend. Today Harry found a forever home that would give him everything he loved in his foster home, a quiet home with a doggie friend. There was also a bonus. He has a great big fenced yard. Harry is so happy in his forever home. Harry got a home with everything he needed and wanted. Happy Tails sweet Harry. You will have the best life ever.

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Maxwell and new dad
Mister Maxwell


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Sugar and her new family. What a lucky girl she is.5/9/21

5/9/21 Sweet Sugar was adopted today. Sugar's former owners took her to the shelter and told them they could no longer care for her. She lost the only home she had known never to return, only to find herself in a noisy, crowded, shelter full of other sad, scared, souls just like Sugar. That was when United Yorkie Rescue was called and asked would we take her, of course we would. Sugar didn't know what to expect and she curled her lip in fear when anyone approached. Sugar was again sad, scared, and very stressed. She did not yet understand she was one of the lucky ones to make it out of the shelter. Sugar had her vet appointing and the news wasn't so good. She was unable to stand or walk due to no muscle mass in her legs. She was emaciated to the point of starvation. She was severely anemic from hook worms. Sugar needed so much care. She needed proper nutrition, a dental, and a lot of rehabilitation. Finally, Sugar got well and was ready for her forever home. She has a wonderful new mommy all to herself, which is what wanted more than anything. Sugar loves to be the center of her person's attention and get all the love and cuddles to herself. Today this sweet senior girl got that. We know Sweeter than Sugar found her fairly tail Happily Ever After.

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Dory and new family

Dory is adopted.

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Baxter TX (nee Nicky)

5/1/21 Baxter found his perfect forever happy home with a great family who has been trained in how to handle his feedings to prevent aspiration. Although we did undertake the oral-nasal fistual repair, a stitch has already come loose. The new family will be following up closely on this, but after this second repair, a third will not likely be successful. So care needs to be taken to manage his condition during healing. Hooray for Baxter.

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5/1/21: Clapton found his perfect forever home with his foster mom and dad. Congratulations to everyone!

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I have A new wonderful mom and dad. Lucky me.

4/24/21 Cooper was adopted today and he has the best family a little doggie could ever want. There was never a dog happier to be out of the shelter than Cooper. He couldn't get into his rescue angel's car fast enough. He was harnessed in and before he could even settle down, he gave her kisses and love. Why this sweet dog ended up in the shelter we may never know? He did have some issues, like a mass on his leg and mats and tangles in his shaggy hair but still his foster mom and dad said what a sweet sweet boy. His only one issue was he wanted to be an only dog in the family and get all the love and attention. Today that is exactly what happened. He is a wonderful new mom and dad, no other pup in the home, and someone who will be home with him almost all the time. He will get long walks he loves and best of all he will be the only fur baby to get all the love, the kisses, and the cuddles. Hooray for Cooper. He will never be a shelter dog again. He will be a loved forever, well cared for fellow

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Ellie and her new mom and dad. It is love.

4/18/21 Ellie was adopted today. Beautiful Ellie went to her forever home today. She will be an only dog with love and love and more love every day. Ellie was sadly surrendered to the shelter when her owner could not afford to keep her any longer. This sweet, friendly, little girl had a short history of urinary issues, yet before she came to us, she had only seen the vet once about it. There were many things that could have been causing this, but they were unable to get her the veterinary care she needs. As soon as Ellie became a United Yorkie Rescue dog she was taken to the vet. Ellie was given a complete medical exam and found to be in good health. She was given medicine for incontinence and after a little trial and error with the dosage Ellie is now able to control her bladder and was ready for her forever home. Her new mommy and daddy know lots about little dogs and Ellie will now be the center of their world. They are ready to give Ellie the best life ever. Ellie has found her happily ever after and has a wonderful home forever and ever.

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Mimi and new mom

Happy Tails Bio. 04/12/2021. Mimi or "mama" as we lovingly called her has gone to live in Olney with retired new mom Monica and her friend Colleen. Monica has been patiently waiting to finalize the adoption for weeks after some serious dental work was needed for Mimi. Mimi has a clean bill of health now and is ready to start her new life in the country. Her new name will be Pickles and she will be an only dog- finally to be able to get all the love and attention she deserves - and no longer have to share the bed with any other dogs.

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Lola and new mom
Lola (aka Darla)

Happy Tails Bio. 04/11/2021. Lola or "baby" as we called her was officially adopted today. She went to live with new mom Kat, an (SLE) sign language interpreter, in San Antonio. Kat has a history of working with dogs in a kennel so she has experience with a variety of pet needs including those with Lolas medical condition. She has big sister boxer Mika to teach her the ropes of how to behave and cat Max to chase around! Happy Life Lola (Now Known as Nibs).

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My Mom and Dad love me so much.

That is me in the middle. This is the best home ever.
Baby Boy

4/10/21 Baby Boy went to his forever home today. This sweet little 4.5-pound fellow had several homes in his life due to no fault of his own. United Yorkie Rescue was determined to find him his perfect and final forever home. Today that happened. This guy is a tiny little nugget who is very sweet and loving. He loves being with his human more than anything else. When Baby Boy came to us, he saw the vet right away. He had very dry and flaky skin which was irritated. His skin was treated with special shampoo and antibiotics. The antibiotics were also for his ear infections. He got the dental he desperately needed and lost a lot of his teeth, all because of previous neglect. Finally, Baby Boy was ready for his forever home. Today he got that wonderful forever home. His forever mom and dad are home all the time and ready to give him lots of love and attention. He has a fur brother and sister just about his size and age. Baby Boy loves his forever family. He is the happiest little guy on the block.

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Sadie May and new family
Sadie May

04/09/21. Sadie Mae has finally found her Forever Home with a wonderful family that includes human brothers and sisters, and a furry brother Lou, and sister Peanut! She will be receiving a ton of attention and play time! Sadie's new mom says she's simply perfect!

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Lizzie and new mom

03/31/21. Lizzie is a very special little girl that was in need of a super special environment. Boy, did she win the lottery! Lizzie will be spending the rest of her days being loved solely by her new adoptive mom. She will have all the attention in the house, as she is the only pup and is developing a super bond with one special adopter. Lizzie's needs were unique due to her temperament and history. Her new home has checked al the boxes to ensure her the life she deserves.

Happy Tails Lizzie! Foster mom and dad will miss you sorely.

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