At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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5/16/22: Today Eric (aka Koby) found his perfect forever home! Congratulations to Eric and his new parents :-).

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Rosie and new mom

5/12/22 Today Rosie found her perfect Forever Home and her new momma couldn't be happier! Congrats to the new family and Rosie.

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5/6/22: Today Amber found her happy Forever Home! Congratulations Amber :-).

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Oscar and new mom

5-5-22 Oscar found his perfect forever family today. Congratulations Oscar!

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Miss Coco and new family
Miss Coco

04/30/22 Miss Coco has been adopted! And boy, did she hit the lottery. Emoji Coco is going to join former UYR foster, Ginger, in the best home ever. She will also have another sibling, Bella, to share the most Yorkie loving parents around. Her new home has a custom ramp to get in and out of bed, a beautiful yard plentiful with squirrels for chasing, and soft comfortable blankets spread around for lounging. Coco needed a quiet home where she can learn to trust, receive unconditional love, and interact with other pups to teach her how to be the best she can be. Her new home checks all the boxes and then some! We look forward to updates and photos, but you will be missed around here.

Happy Tails, Coco!

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I am so happy with my new family!

Congrats Toby on your adoption day!!

Toby, the adorable 8 year old Yorkie, was adopted today. Toby became part of the UYR family when his owner passed away. Toby is a sweetheart and enjoys walks and playing with his pup companions. Because he is fast and likes to run when he sees an open door, it was essential that Toby be adopted to a family with a fenced in yard. Toby also has a history of getting anxious when separated from his people so it was important that his new family spend the majority of their time at home.

Toby's new family is excited to have him in their family. They are committed to taking him on walks and letting him join them on their errands. He will be spoiled with attention and love.

Toby will be missed by his foster family but is excited that Toby has a family that will care for him furever.

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Sophie Dixon

Sophie Dixon has been adopted.

Sweet Sophie came to UYR through an Owner Surrender after her owner couldn't care for her medical needs. Sophie's foster parents quickly realized that Sophie loved car rides, playing with her toys, and being outside.

Despite her ongoing medical needs, Sophie's adoptive family knew she was the perfect fit for their active family. Sophie will have plenty of room to play in her new large, fenced-in backyard. She will have many opportunities for car rides and neighborhood walks. Sophie will get the attention that she truly deserves.

Congrats Sophie Dixon!

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I have the best new family.

4/20/22 Sammy was adopted today!! Sammy's original mom got very sick and Sammy found out he needed a new home. He was sad, scared, and confused. Sammy then went to his new foster home and received all the care and love he could stand. Sammy loves toys and walks.

Now Sammy has found the BEST home. He is now going to be the center of his new family's attention. He will get all the loving, toys, and walks one little man can get! Happy Tails Sammy!

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It's love from the minute I met my new mom and dad and they met me.

4/20/22 Bailey was adopted today. When Bailey's mom could no longer care for him because of a severe injury she sadly surrendered Bailey to United Yorkie Rescue. She knew Bailey, who is still a puppy, needed a home with someone who can care for him and love him forever. She trusted us to find Bailey that new home and today it happened. Bailey found the best mom and dad he could ever want. From the minute they saw him they knew it was love. Bailey was so happy too. He ran up to them and started to give them kisses and love. Bailey has a nice fenced yard to play in, but best of all he has a mommy and daddy all to himself to give him so much love and so much attention. They promised him friends to play with, lots of toys, lots of walks, food, treats, and to love him forever.

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Bando found his forever home

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Bubba TX

4/9/22 Bubba and Sissy found their perfect forever home, together with their new family of 3 that includes a little girl to play with.

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4/9/22: Bubba and Sissy found their perfect forever home today, together with their new family of 3 that includes a little girl to play with.

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4/6/22 Jingles found his perfect forever home with a fur sibling. Congratulations Jingles!

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Just me and my new dad!

4/2/22 Brody was adopted today!! When Brody's original mom and dad's situation changed, a baby came and work hours increased, Brody was no longer getting the attention he loved and wanted. His people tried to give him what he needed, but they could see how sad Brody was. He was spending hours in his crate alone. Brody then came to United Yorkie Rescue where we gave him all the love and attention while we found him the absolute best forever home.

Now Brody has found the BEST home. He is now going to be the center of his new family's attention. He will get all the loving and treats one little man can get! Happy Tails Brody!

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I am ready for the rest of my life.

3/29/22 Sweet Tori was adopted today. Tori came to United Yorkie Rescue anemic, with cherry eye in both eyes, a big mass on her back, flakes of dead skin on her lower back end, bad teeth, and not smelling very good at all. She needed medical care after not seeing a vet for 5 years. She needed to know someone loved her enough to take care of her medical and emotional needs, and to give her the spa day she so badly needed.

Tori's foster mom and dad made sure all those needs were met. She got so much love and got to know her vet very well. It took a while for Tori to be well enough for her surgery since she was anemic, but finally that day arrived. Tori had her eyes fixed, the mass removed, and her teeth taken care of. After she healed it was time for Tori to go to her forever home.

Today Tori went to her perfect forever home. She has a stay at home mom and dad. A sunny lanai to catch some warm rays, a nice big yard with a fenced area to run around in, and even another doggie friend about her size to hang out with. Tori will have a great life and her every care and every need will be taken care of for the rest of her life. Tori will be missed by her foster family, but we know she has a wonderful life ahead of her. We are so happy for Tori, she found her happily ever after

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My new mommy loves me. I am so happy.

3/26/22 Cody was adopted today. Cody had such a sad story. He was found on the street and taken to the local shelter. It quickly became obvious to the shelter staff Cody lacked socialization. He nipped at the workers and just had a very hard time adjusting to his new life. Two other rescues were contacted and both declined to take Cody and take a chance on him. Finally​,​ UYR was contacted. One of our members went over to meet Cody, with treats and mostly with gentle kindness. Cody reacted to the gentle voice and quiet demeanor. But before we could take him our foster member went back a second time. This time Cody came over to him and they formed a bond. Cody became a United Yorkie Rescue dog.

In his foster home. Cody did well with the other 2 small dogs in the home. He attached himself right away to his foster mom. It was apparent she was his favorite person in the world. In the almost 2 months Cody was in his foster home he became a wonderful, loving boy who only needed kindness and patience and understanding. His foster parents knew exactly what he needed in his forever home. It was simple - he needed patience, understanding, kindness, and love. Today Cody found just that. He has two wonderful mommies who understand dogs with Cody's needs. They will be home most of the time to give Cody whatever he needs. He will be showered with everything he ever wanted and needed. They promised to take Cody everywhere dogs are allowed and to be his forever mommies for the rest of his life. There is nothing but happy days and a happy life ahead for Cody.

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I love my new mom and dad and they love me.

3/26/22 Chewy was adopted today. Chewy's former owner could no longer give Chewy the time and attention he needed. They know this sweet, affectionate, little lap dog needed a home where he could get those things his owner could no longer give him. Chewy's foster mom knew Chewy needed a home with a mom and dad who would be home to give Chewy all that he needed. Today he found that perfect forever home. He has the life he always wanted and a mom and dad who would be home with him most of the time . He even has a screened patio and a little fenced area to hang out in. He will be the only dog and the center of their life. We are so happy for Chewy. Happy life little guy.

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My new mom and dad are great

3/26/22 Dave was adopted today. His former family had to work a lot and then some babies came and Dave was spending too long alone in the crate. His owners knew that was not right for a sweet, active dog who needed more attention and activity than they could give him. Dave's foster mom found that Dave got along with everyone, grown people, dogs, even kids. Knowing that it was important to find exactly the right family for Dave that is just what she did. Dave is one lucky dog. It was love at first sight when Dave met his new mom and dad, and they felt the same way. Dave immediately felt right at home in his new forever home.

He has a mom and dad and human brother who will be with him much of the time. He has a nice big fenced yard to run around in. He has toys, will get to go on fun trips, and will have the best time of his life. Life just got so wonderful for Dave. It is really his Happy Tails.

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I am a lucky boy!

3/25/22 Lou was sad in his busy home with lots of young kids and big dog sibling. It was overwhelming for him and he lacked the one on one time he craved. Now Lou has his very own perfect person he can claim as his and his alone. He has a lifetime of happy tales (and tails) ahead of him!

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I am so happy to get adopted!

3/20/22 Bandit was adopted!

Bandit found his forever home today! Bandit was surrendered when his previous owners had some significant life changes that kept them from looking after Bandit properly. Bandit’s new dad, James, found Bandit’s profile online and knew this was the pup for him.

James previously had a yorkie mix for 12 years who last year made his journey over the rainbow bridge. Gratefully, James has a lot of room left in his heart for a new buddy. While Bandit’s foster parents and brother will surely miss him, we are all very excited that Bandit and James are starting on a new adventure!

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